from by Frood



just give then privilege and the courtesy will come
if it ain't what you're born with then it's probably where you're from
keep the conversation light
and it you can't say something nice, then just don't
she don't get high, but she's all hopped up on caffeine
and she needs a couple drinks before she can get to sleep
her eyes may be closed tight, but when she wakes up
well, she's tired to say the least

I heard her say that she's got habits that won't go away on their own
and I reply that I've got feelings that can't be denied anymore

just give him a rolodex and a solid fountain pen
cause it ain't what you learned about in school
it's who you met
I think I saw you stroke a check once to the pledge house for the rent
let's be friends
she don't get close and she seldom gets involved
and she never finds herself climbing up the figurative walls
she just locks and loads and then explodes
and always knows there's no chance that she'll call


from Frood, released February 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Frood Norfolk, Virginia

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