Being A Kid

from by Frood



I remember bein a kid
It was Boston, Massachussetts, it was 1992 and I had a dog
And a chainlink fence, and a pool, and two parents who were still in love
But those were the days when I never stepped away from my consciousness
And for a second, even now, I think that if lived in that town still I’d be better off

I remember riding that bike
It was sans a set of brakes and when I slid into the street I was terrified
There were monsters in the closet, apparitions in the forest, and lemonade
It was back in the days of overnights and acorn fights and arcade games
And hell, back then, I’m telling you I was scared of everything

Hey everyone
I am not me
I’m just a part of you, we’re all the fish in the sea
Hey everyone
You are not you
You’re just a part of us, and we’re all singing this tune

I remember bein a kid
It was moving day for me, off to sunny Virginia Beach – it was ‘95
Mom had gotten injured and she wanted to be closer to family
Dad began a series of impossible careers, he was terrified
And in the end took off the suit and settled on pursuit of his life long dream
And me, they say that I should decide
They say the clock is ticking fast and youth just doesn’t last
And maybe they’re right
I gotta settle on a house and a job, maybe a dog and a pretty wife
But every time I try to ask myself just what I think I wanna do with my life
I can’t say


from Frood, released February 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Frood Norfolk, Virginia

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