by Frood

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Jennie Zell Fun and bouncy with just the right amount of cynicism. Love it! Favorite track: Perfect Fool.
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YourMusicShow Great vocal melodies and just absolutely fun, well written tunes. Unapologetically pop indeed. Favorite track: Little.
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released February 26, 2014

Written and performed by Frood
Adam Hanson (piano, voice)
Matt Hillman (guitar, voice)
Ian Williamson (bass, voice)
Travis Horn (percussion, voice?)
Recorded and mixed by Cody Dickover at Harrington Labs
Mastered by Jacki Paolella at TAPTAP Recordings
Cover art by Matt Harrison of



all rights reserved


Frood Norfolk, Virginia

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Track Name: Head for the Crux
Im living on a street among students and young professionals
it’s not half bad
I usually feel safe
even though I know the city’s not the safest place

i’ve never kept a journal but always written down
fragments of my thoughts on scraps of paper that can later be found
sometimes it takes years for these things to recirculate

you make it up, make it up, make it up
as you head for the crux
and evidently things don’t get any easier as you grow up
you trade responsibility for even more responsibility
and you can kick, and you can scream
or you can grow with it gracefully

i’m fighting my compulsions with minimal results
i live in my head with the creatures and the people and the animals
most of which I don’t think even have actual names

in a post apocalyptic battle of wits
i’d probably side with evil
because evil’s got the coffee and cigarettes
and as much as I try, I don’t think I can quit
Track Name: Little
You’re a little tea pot, I’m a little coffee press
I’m a little stronger and you’re a little better dressed
You’re a little sewing needle, I’m a little string
That follows you around as you’re hemming up a seam
I’m a little useless and you’re a little bit obsessive
I’m a little light of foot and you’re a little heavy-booted
I’m a little trapped in the past, and you’re locked out of your car again
You’d rather see the future than just see where you are

You’re a little conversation, I’m a bit neurotic
I’m a little overstated, you’re a little hyperbolic
You’re a better salesman and I’m a better product
And we could sell to anyone if we could sell each other on it
You’re a little genuine and I’m a little biting
We’d both be better comics now if we had better timing down
You’re a little magical and I’m a bit of logic
Collecting little artifacts for you to wave your wand at
Track Name: Perfect Fool
I must have written you a thousand time
I must have edited a million lines
It must have looked like the perfect crime

I must have walked a hundred miles a day
I must have polished off a bottle each way
I must have looked like the perfect prey

I woke up every day and sang the blues
I called up everyone and shared the news
I must have looked like a perfect fool
Track Name: Being A Kid
I remember bein a kid
It was Boston, Massachussetts, it was 1992 and I had a dog
And a chainlink fence, and a pool, and two parents who were still in love
But those were the days when I never stepped away from my consciousness
And for a second, even now, I think that if lived in that town still I’d be better off

I remember riding that bike
It was sans a set of brakes and when I slid into the street I was terrified
There were monsters in the closet, apparitions in the forest, and lemonade
It was back in the days of overnights and acorn fights and arcade games
And hell, back then, I’m telling you I was scared of everything

Hey everyone
I am not me
I’m just a part of you, we’re all the fish in the sea
Hey everyone
You are not you
You’re just a part of us, and we’re all singing this tune

I remember bein a kid
It was moving day for me, off to sunny Virginia Beach – it was ‘95
Mom had gotten injured and she wanted to be closer to family
Dad began a series of impossible careers, he was terrified
And in the end took off the suit and settled on pursuit of his life long dream
And me, they say that I should decide
They say the clock is ticking fast and youth just doesn’t last
And maybe they’re right
I gotta settle on a house and a job, maybe a dog and a pretty wife
But every time I try to ask myself just what I think I wanna do with my life
I can’t say
Track Name: Habits
just give then privilege and the courtesy will come
if it ain't what you're born with then it's probably where you're from
keep the conversation light
and it you can't say something nice, then just don't
she don't get high, but she's all hopped up on caffeine
and she needs a couple drinks before she can get to sleep
her eyes may be closed tight, but when she wakes up
well, she's tired to say the least

I heard her say that she's got habits that won't go away on their own
and I reply that I've got feelings that can't be denied anymore

just give him a rolodex and a solid fountain pen
cause it ain't what you learned about in school
it's who you met
I think I saw you stroke a check once to the pledge house for the rent
let's be friends
she don't get close and she seldom gets involved
and she never finds herself climbing up the figurative walls
she just locks and loads and then explodes
and always knows there's no chance that she'll call
Track Name: The Good Animal
Miss lioness, you missed your chance
To make friends with the rest of the animal kingdom
And don’t you wanna meet em?
Miss lioness, you wring your hands
At the birds in the trees and the monkeys when they mock you
But how could you argue? You’re absurd
Doesn’t feel good to be an animal?
Miss lioness you miss your cubs
They’re all grown up and one’s fallen in love
Which you’ll never approve of
Doesn’t it feel good to be an animal?
Miss lioness you’ve got a loose grip on reality
You’re back and forth between what you think you’re life’s supposed to be
Miss lioness, my butterbean, I’m asking you to do one thing for me
If you’d say I’m the only one you love
Track Name: Ice Cream and Whiskey
I’m not blind, I see where opportunity lies
And even though tomorrow when I’m in pajamas
Crying in the kitchen over ice cream and whiskey
I’ll be sitting in the sunshine, making wishes on the powerlines
To forget about the good time and look forward to the better ones

I’m not blind, I see where civility lies
I’m not a child, I know how to make up my mind
I’m not tired, I see where I’ve failed when I’ve tried
I’m not blind, I see where opportunity lies
And even though next week when I’m walking down the street
Kicking dust at the cars and singing old love songs
I’ll be waiting for it to start
This healing I’ve been hearing about for the heart
It begins with breathing and ends with forgiving